Political Action Committee created to pursue a safer Nashville.

Save Nashville PAC is a political action committee committed to preserving the unique charm, cultural heritage, and quality of life in the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee. As a political action committee, our primary focus is to advocate for responsible development, sustainable growth, better schools, and the protection of Nashville’s neighborhoods.

At Save Nashville PAC, we firmly believe that Nashville’s success lies in striking a balance between future growth and preserving the essence of what makes our city so special. Our mission is to ensure that Nashville remains a city that residents are proud to call home and visitors are eager to explore.

Our supporters consist of passionate individuals who are deeply connected to Nashville and its unique character.

The Save Nashville PAC works to influence policy decisions and helps elect the right candidates that will have a positive impact on our city.

Our organization serves as a voice for the community to raise awareness about critical issues affecting Nashville’s future. Save Nashville PAC is dedicated to making a lasting impact on the future of Nashville.

Join us in our mission to Save Nashville and ensure a bright future for generations to come. Together, we can preserve the heart and soul of Music City while creating a thriving, inclusive, and resilient community for all.


"The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter."


Save Nashville supports Alice Rolli for Mayor

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